Thursday, April 15, 2021

And with troops

The new growth of trees for my table won't be in place for a fortnight, and I'm knee deep in the year end books for my wife's business, but the table is as set as its going to be and I intend to play on the weekend.

Opening positions as the Confederate attack begins.
I had to nudge the terrain a bit to keep the plot while maintaining "one unit in one hex" integrity and relative battle line positions keeping in mind that the map is a modern 'moment in time' teaching conjecture by well informed historians.

Since my artillery park greatly expanded even as my table shrank, I am seriously thinking about doubling up my guns to have two per battery/hex. If it works I'll have to remount the guns and crews on slightly smaller bases, or at least trim them but I'll be able to use more of my existing guns more often and have room for more! So yes, I'm enjoying this!


  1. Nice looking set up , think plastic figures on-masse look brilliant scale wise

  2. That's a great-looking shot of the game. I'd double the guns if you've got the figures - mass always looks better.

  3. Looks like a right and proper battle!

  4. Looking good (as usual with your various games).

  5. Replies
    1. They're a little crowded in the photo above but I like it and can fix that issue by a little rebasing.

  6. Hi Ross,
    The battlefield in this picture looks like one of the very best I've seen displayed recently. It is esthetically pleasing and it looks like there is more than enough of every type of toy soldier to keep players interested for a long while.
    All the very best,

    1. Awww. Thanks Jerry. Suits me which is the goal but I do like having folks dropping by so try to give them something to look at.