Tuesday, April 13, 2021

This Hex Grid Is Getting Me Down....loading

As I started preparing for an ACW game, it came to me that I was getting off track.  The plan was to have my 1/72 ACW provide a different kind of game from the 54mm mid 19thC armies but instead,  I appeared to be heading full tilt towards playing one of my usual scenarios with my usual rules but with 18 little guys in a hex instead of 4 big ones.

I decided to change course by designing a scenario based on an historical ACW action. Having found a suitable one, I started trying to convert an old map from my pdf of Vol2 of Battles and Leaders directly onto the hexes on my table.  Arrrrgggghhhh!

I needed to make a map.......a hex map....

One map hex = one table hex, one regiment per hex, haven't actually translated it to the table yet. 

Which is where the downloading came in: 

Free printable hex sheets link

( www.printablepaper.net )

So now, armed with a map, I  can start laying out the battlefield. 

Hmm, trees, more trees, and ...oh, of course,  more trees!  If I'm going to do ACW battles in 1/72, I'm going  need more trees!!! Still, the game must go on! I  have a plan, but that's for the next post, along with some consideration of rules ....


  1. Having downloaded hex and square arrays onto a file, I maintain blank versions from which I make copies for any maps I want to create. That way the hassle takes place once.

  2. By chance, this is exactly where I will be later this week. I have not done it in ages and am looking forward to it (both mine and yours).

    1. Ah! I shall look forward to reading your report. I'm afraid my go will be of the "inspired by" sort.

  3. Replies
    1. It has been so far. They have various sizes and shapes.

  4. Hello there Ross,

    The part that really caught my eye - ‘my pdf of volume 2 of Battles and Leaders’ - I had never thought of this so I suspect some Google fu is required! I have the hardback versions which are quite marvellous but not exactly handy for lugging around!

    All the best,


  5. I came across the cd of scanned pages at a wargame con early this century. Awkward to read, esp on a small device! but I only have volume 1 in print and far better than nothing.

    My first copy of any of it was a book sized paperback digest of selected battle reports without maps, most illustrations, and all of the Orders of Battle removed!!!? I was better than nothing but I would love to have a proper full reprint but with large cler text for old eyes! :) maybe in 12 volumes so I could lift them to read .

  6. This takes me back, oh, a decade+. A miniatures gamer in Edmonton set the boardgame, Commands & Colors: Ancients (2006), to the sound of 1/72-scale miniatures. Like playing the boardgame....except in 3D! With fancier-looking counters obviously. Terrain machinations were made as well. As players, "We came; We saw; We rolled dice in anger."