Friday, April 2, 2021

Lost Opportunity

Well, I had a short amount of time this morning, so I headed for the game which was set up and 3 turns in. Then I remembered  that the plan had been to go grid free and to try my MacDuff rules on the small table. So I  reorganized the troops and started over.

The MacDuff game in progress. The cards indicate units that have activated this turn.

I messed up the scenario unit conversion and the arrival mechanism a little but the game was still OK. However, by the time the game was half done, the old card activation just wasn't  "doing it" for me anymore. So, I reset the game again and started playing with my usual rules.

It was going nicely but by the time I was halfway through, time was up! It was time to clear the table so I  could use it as a worktable to paint shelves for an expanded walk-in bedroom closet which I'm building.

I should have my table back by Sunday  and time to reset the table and play a game all the way through.  


  1. Ross Mac,

    I look forward to seeing how your battle goes, once you manage to get past the halfway mark!

    All the best,


  2. Sometimes, just doesn't go as planned.

  3. Good luck with finishing your game, it looks great!

    1. I was thinking to restart it but now that the table is 2/3 cleared, it might come back in a different period.

  4. All of your quick starts and stops are giving me whiplash!

  5. Nothing wrong with the occasional mulligan.

  6. >I messed up the scenario unit conversion and the arrival mechanism

    But honestly, would it have been a real battle if everything had gone smoothly?

  7. This table may be your most eclectic bunch of figures yet!