Monday, June 14, 2021

Coming A Round

My Oerberg Pioneer unit was hastily paint converted from ACW figures a few years ago in order to increase the number of infantry  in the unit from 8 to 12 when using different rules. 

Since the setting is now the early 20thC rather than the 1870s as originally planned, I decided that they could use a uniform touch up. I  trimmed the trouser legs on the sappers into boots and painted all the leather dark brown instead of black.
Oerberg  Combat Pioneers with new boots and bases.
 That part was purely for the look but I also rebased them back onto their old washer-bases. Now that the armies and table are smaller than they were,
it  is easy to manage stable individuals and the single figures makes it easier  to take photos that give a feel for what's happening in pictures of a game. 

Since most of the figures are still on temporary foamcore bases, I'll  probably rebase more of them from time to time.


  1. These fellows have seen service in many theaters.

  2. A good move Ross…
    I’ve heard that boots are in this year…

    Are these Scruby miniatures?

    All the best. Aly

  3. I like the classic look of these figures Ross, quelle marque?
    Regards, James

  4. Those fellows mean business! I like the blue trim.

  5. Many of these guys put Dr. Who to shame for time travelling. All these guys need are an extra ammo pouch, bedroll, and toothbrush.