Sunday, January 16, 2022

Suspended Animation

 Well, what a weekend!  All the uninvited challenges, including a dash in the dark  to the pharmacy, through ice pellets followed by snow, to pick up a new prescription for my wife on Friday and digging out on Saturday and Sunday through thigh high snow drifts and -20C temps, have been met and handled successfully, for now. In addition, I managed to play 2 more turns!

Not what I had in mind for the anticipated quiet weekend but that's life. "Its all good" as a friend of mine would say. 

Reb's Eve view of General Taleri's command arriving.

Not having a scenario in mind, I started rummaging in the terrain boxes and drawers, pulling out bits that "spoke to me".  Before long, a river crossing with a reaction force marching on suggested itself so I started adjusting the terrain to match the idea. The armies are marked to form brigades of 3 stand units so I started with the cavalry and diced each turn to see what appeared (as in I am rolling a die needing to score =< the turn number for another infantry brigade to arrive).

Bird's eye view of the 4'x6' battlefield at the end of turn 3. The measuring sticks are to give an idea of scale. The black and yellow stripes are 1" wide on an 18" long stick as are the blue and red stripes on the other, 12" long stick 

The Yankees need to eliminate the bridgehead to win, the Rebels need to break the Union army and be in a position to push on into Union territory. Anything else will be a draw.

To be continued,


  1. Great-looking battlefield. It must be stated: "If in doubt, go ACW."

    >pulling out bits that "spoke to me".

    I almost always can see the broad strokes of any scenario's terrain in my mind's eye before anything gets laid out. Sometimes that takes the form of Bag End in The Shire, but that's only when I smoke Longbottom Leaf.

  2. Good looking game. There's a couple of tactical challenges that I see there.

    And it's good to know you survived the ice and snow without injury. My wife said the winds were howling something fierce all the way down south in Pennsylvania.


  3. Very nice photos of the game, I particularly like the arial photo.

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  5. Splendid stuff Ross…
    It’s always nice to see these toys out on the table…
    There has been nothing dramatic about the weather here… grey… with spells of grey… followed by more grey.

    All the best. Aly

  6. That's a fantastic-looking game, Ross. Looking forward to more of this.