Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Battle of Plum Run Hill (Conclusion)

Continued from the previous post.

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Without further ado, the Dominion forces deployed and advanced as the Rebels opened fire.

The attack gets underway.

The 1st Brigade, composed of the two companies of veteran Highlanders and one of the Rifles, steadily advanced straight up the hill under an accurate fire from rifles and artillery. On the left, the Mounted Rifles moved forward towards the redoubt, dismounted, and began trading fire with it's garrison, while 'A' Battery came forward, unlimbered and added to the din with an effective fire on the redoubt. Col. Ross's Brigade deployed in support of the Highlanders and began to follow them up the hill.

The terrain breaks up the attack but it continues.

From the top of the hill, General Grey surveyed the enemy's attack and ordered his cavalry to the far right to support that redoubt, sent the Zouaves in to make sure of the wooded hill top and pulled the supporting infantry out of the artillery redoubt into a reserve position where they could quickly return to the redoubt or reinforce the hill top. 
The first attack was easily repulsed and General Grey relaxed and lit a cigar, thinking: "This is gonna to be easy".

MacDuff was not that easily scared though, he'd known this was going to be a tough fight.  'A' Battery was now in action on his right, the first line was rallying in the rear and his second line was at hand. He ordered them to renew the assault. Colonel Ross drew his sword, set himself at the head of the Pioneer company and led the way. He was swiftly shot off his horse but his men roared out for vengeance and, led by their Sergeant, swinging his axe like a hero of old, they drove the Greycoats off the top of the hill.

The battle now ranged across the entire front.

The hilltop was taken but behind it, the woods were held by the veteran Zouaves. Both redoubts were still in Rebel hands, and the sun was sinking fast. It was time for the center to hunker down and keep the Zouaves in place while the flanks mustered what strength they could. Gray wasn't willing to wait though, pulling the Zouaves back, he hoped to reinforce the roadblock before the Redcoats could charge. 

The Dominion was slowly achieving the unlikely but the sun was sinking low. Did they have time to finish the job?

While the regulars poured in fire, the Mounted Rifles remounted and charged with wild cries, jumping their horses over the hasty work and scattering the remaining rebels. Not stopping there, they pursued into the Rebel cavalry which was moving up in support, and drove them back as well. On the far right, it was obvious that 'A' Battery, despite having hurt the enemy battery, would not silence it before nightfall. It would be down to the remnants of the Highland company which already suffered terribly from enemy fire, supported by the remnants of 'A' company of the regulars.
Putting himself at their head, Macduff ordered them forward. Leaping his horse over the logwall as his men rushed with cold steel into the expected hail of cannister.

Daunted, by this spectacle with the setting sun glinting on the cold steel, the gunners broke and ran.

Reduced to one combat ready infantry company and a few horsemen, there was no hope of victory now for General Grey. Reluctantly he gave orders for a retreat as the sun set. 

Overview of the battlefield as the Grey army broke 1/2 way through turn 15, the final turn.

So ends the Garden Wargaming season for 2022, and a great way to end the season. The game ended in the first have of Turn 15/15. If the initiative deck had produced a Black card, the odds were that the batter could have broken the highlanders while the veteran Zouaves might have either flanked the already shaken reguars or just occupied the redoubt and held it. Still, despite the dice and cards, it was the Commander's decisions that drove the conclusion.

If all goes well, we'll be back in the great ouddoors by June if not May of 2023. In the meantime, indoot gaming will continue!


  1. Great looking game and a nice way to end the outdoor season!!

  2. Ross Mac,

    A very impressive outdoor game. Unfortunately my knees are no longer up to fighting garden wargames a la HG Wells.

    A great way to end your Summer wargaming season.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Bob. I'm happy to sat that I'm more up for it physically now than I was a few years ago but the windowis closing!

  3. Great action, Ross - reminds me vaguely of Gaines's Mill: a final desperate charge at sunset carries the day...

    1. Odd to say but the Grey commander misjudged the Red general several times but in the end the last dieroll settled the thing.

  4. An enjoyable action and great setting for an end of summer wargame.

  5. In Twenty-twenty-two our game had come to grip
    Along with Gen'ral MacDuff for some Rebs 'e had to whip.
    Them Rebs had a small house and a coupla' redoubts more
    An' the Redcoats caught 'em well in the mighty Outdoor War.
    With shellfire 'n musket balls the Rebs were unbecoming
    Steadfast they remaaain'd right up 'til th' final blow.
    We rolled another '6' to seal their utter drubbing
    They fell from their hilltop in lengthy, ragged rows.

    We looked up the hill
    And couldn't quite decide
    To charge 'em up th' middle
    Or hit 'em from the side.
    The garrr-den terrain was really quite convincing
    Nat'ral light and 54s; no need fer any squinting.
    With fire 'n brimstone the Rebs began succumbing
    Steadfast they remaaain'd right up 'til th' final blow.
    We rolled another '6' to help 'em start a-running
    They fell from their hilltop in lengthy, ragged rows.

    If we roll a '1' to rush 'em we might pay a heavy price
    We'll have to put 'r faith in some pair of lucky dice.
    Rally 'round the flag boys an' give a mighty yell
    Another moment more we'll send 'em back to; WELLllll....
    With buckshot 'n grapeshot the Rebs began a-stumbling
    Steadfast they remaaain'd right up 'til th' final blow.
    We rolled another '6'; their defeat was rather stunning
    They fell from their hilltop in lengthy, ragged rows.

  6. Replies
    1. It was. I need to work on a back drop for my inside table!

  7. A spectacular finish! Dare I commit the faux pas and ask, will you be making your rules available again? I swear I click on your rules link at least once a week!

    1. I will but not the illegible scribbling back of a piece of scrap paper quick ref one!