Friday, October 7, 2022

Pass In Review #3: Day of Battle 3d Printed Indian Warrior

 At last, a day off!  Seemed like a good morning to paint up another sample 40mm 3d printed resin figure from Chris Parker's Day of Battle web store

The figure came with seperate arms and a choice of 2 heads. Again its a close match in size and  bulk with Sash & Sabre 40's and thus compatible with a number of 40mm companies' figures. 

The arms had a sort of ball joint so it was possible to insert them into the socket in the shoulder and rotate them into various positions. A rather innovative design I thought. 

The figure comes without a base, as usual, so I glued him onto my standard single figure washer base.

Its been about a decade, (maybe more) since I painted any F&IW Indian warriors so I did a little bit of digging in my books and on the net and proceeded from there. My S&S F&IW Indian warriors moved on a number of years ago, but he fits well enough with my Prince August Skraelings to join them when and if required on the table.

It was "one of those" days, all thumbs and "oops" etc  and I just couldn't seem to be able to mix my usual Indian skin colour today but it'll have to do. I could have added more colour to the figure, perhaps a red loin cloth rather than leather, more warpaint, etc but I figured subdued is appropiate for sculking in cover.

Given the quality, I'd recommend them based on that, but when you consider the price as well I would definitely buy more, (and some canoes!) if I were to return to Last of the Mohicans inspired wargaming.
Note:   It seems I relied on memories of how expensive 40mm miniatures seemed 15 years ago when I was buying tem, I failed to check current prices and the difference bewteen metal and 3d printed seems to be minimal.

***** 5 Stars on this range.

Coming soon(ish): some sample medieval Scots being  quietly mugged and forced to serve in the 16thC (because I'm not replacing my antique 25mm Scots), and a big, burley, wild looking, guy with a huge axe. (!?)

Coming before that: A wargame!  What sort? Well, we'll see!


  1. Looks like he means business! Very effective figure.

    1. You wouldn't really want to see him bursting out of the woods and coming for you.

  2. Diorama quality figure.

  3. Excellent looking figure.
    Alan Tradgardland

  4. He looks the business Ross.

    All the best. Aly

  5. A very nice looking figure, great job on him. I like the idea of the ball joint on the arms and I pity the poor knight that is about to be split in twain by the big axe wielding ruffian!

  6. uh oh! Forget the sword; Sir Knight better grab a slingshot.

  7. it might be muted in color, but the completed figure makes quite an impression!