Friday, November 25, 2022

He Marched Them Up The Hill ......

 At last!  Today I got to play a OHW scenario through in one, roughly an hour, session! 

The French launch a speedy attack, but the Allies reaction was even faster. 

I will admit that earlier this last week, I played the scenario over several days, a turn here and another there, using With MacDuff to the Frontier but the fit just wasn't right and the games went too slowly with the wrong kinds of decisions needing to be made. (Low level details were over shadowing the formation and execution of a battle plan.)  So, I looked back to the "Whiff of Dice" rules that I had been working on for these French Revolution scenario games.

The French fire caused heavy casualties so the allies fell back to reorganize.

The rules still needed honing so I under took that, once again delaying a proper game, then reset the table.

The French followed, but not fast enough, and casualties were heavy on both sides. The British commander decided to take a chance and threw the 11h Light Dragoons at the French Hussars which had been working their way around the allied infantry's flank.
It was a gamble, but the dice were kind and the 11th LD won honours in their first action!

The result was worth it. For once I managed to play a One Hour Game in roughly an hour. More than that, the game was loaded with critical command decisions and hard to predict combat results, keeping me engaged right down the  last die roll which broke the French morale at the end on Turn 14 of 15.

The French made a desperate attempt to hold their own till dark, but it was not to be.

Of course, there'll have to be more test games.......oh well, if needs be.....


  1. This project has grown into a very impressive collection, nice to see them in action again.

    1. Thanks, they're my "Goldilocks" Horse & Musket collection.

  2. Sounds as if, as it stands now, the rules work... and worth going on to 'real' games...

    1. The good thing about 40's is that I can still see them. The bad thing is that real games really call for my old, (double size) table....

  3. Great looking troops and fun game - excellent!

  4. Your French Revolutionary army are great figures. I wanted to wargame the period years ago but trying to find figures is next to impossible. I ended up using Esci Napoleonic Prussians for French infantry. Your homecast figures are truly inspirational.

  5. Splendid…
    It certainly looked like you had some furious action there…

    All the best. Aly