Sunday, May 5, 2024

Another Turn, Another Adjustment

I do get some of the weirdest ideas when fishing about for new ideas for a new rule set. Ideally, I'd know what I want before I start but usually I only know that I want something different from what I had been doing, usually because the old rules were too finicky or too simple. accidentally favoured unusual tactics, took too long to reach a conclusion, or too little time.......etc etc....  Annoying when solo but really annoying and frustrating with guinea players.

Anyway, I got another 2 turns played after my outdoor chores were done (Winter is coming! but a few cords of wood are coming the day after tomorrow so I need to have a spot for a heap of firewood to be dumped.)

The fighting heats up as the afternoon starts to edge towards evening.

I kept getting the new turn sequence confused and it just didn't "feel right" so I rolled it back, trimmed some more old habits and failed new ideas and am ready for another go tomorrow.    


  1. Winter? (I guess it's good to be ready) ha ha
    good luck, with that and with the game/rules!