Sunday, May 26, 2024

Who Didn't See This Coming?

 If tomorrow is less busy than today, there'll be a battle report by Tuesday morning!

(click picture to enlarge)
For the curious: these are 40mm figures, a mix of homecasts and commercial figures. 

The landsknechts are a mix of plastic Elastolin and Merten figures from the 50's/60's and some metal figures from Doug Miller's superb metal range, (, and one of my own originals.

The English and the French light cavalry are homecast from my severe conversion of a Meisterzinn late 18thC casting to a mid-16thC master for drop casting. The horses are various Zinnbigade homecast horses and one Elastolin. Last but not least, the English foot and many of my not-yet-on-table Landsknechts were homecast from some of my first original sculpts, some 20 years ago.

To be continued.....


  1. I always like it when using figures that I converted and cast myself - just seems that little bit more satisfying.

  2. "Elastoline": now there's a name that resonates from the days of my youth. Your entire collection, though, is quite splendid.

    1. Ah the days of looking longingly at the too expensive Elastolin displays in Montreal's downtown Eaton's and Simpson's department stores!

  3. Great atmosphere and promise of things to come…
    Alan Tradgardland