Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The many faces of logistics

I ventured forth today to pick up some 20 sided dice for use with Harry Pearson's Quick play Greeks vs Persians rules. Alas my local hobby store no longer carries  "funny dice" (my term). I contemplated dragging my tail around town in my quest but a friend had suggested halving the factors and using 10 sided dice, if the majority of factors were even numbers. I have just reviewed the list and only the 3 cavalry units have an odd "to hit" factor. So 1/2 ing it is! That will bump me up from 1 die to about 4 which should suffice. (Trivia: 2 of those are actual 10 siders, the rest are the old "percentile" dice - 20 sided marked 0-9 twice, a curiosity now it seems.) Once the cavalry (if the cavalry) get into it, I can use my one 20-sider for attacks against them.

Hopefully the game will be  played on Friday. Meanwhile, painting of extra Persian infantry continues a pace with a 50/50 chance that they some at least will be ready to serve by then. 



  1. Just a thought - I recall painting one run of 0-9 on a 20 sided dice to effectively make it a D20. I hope that makes sense!

  2. If you have a PC or laptop just use Excel and write a "random" formula...???

  3. Thanks for the sugegstions gentlemen. The painting thing occurred to me briefly but I dismissed it for fear of changing the balance of the die though some of them are old and worn so perhaps not an issue, or I could paint coloured dots on all faces, red for ones, black for 10's or something.

    As for randomn number generator, I'll confess, I like the feel of dice in my hand.

    Good thoughts though.-Ross