Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trailers and pre-show cartoons

While we're waiting for me to get organized and started, I'll post some randomn pictures. Here's some 54mm Highlanders that I converted from plastic figures for a freind. The 3 poses in the 2nd picture were cast in metal for ease of duplication. 

and here's one from my own 54mm wargaming days, more conversions but less drastic.


  1. Among the Jacobites, I am recognising Airfix Men at Arms and (I think) Italeri Gauls. Any suggestions re converting figs to Jacobites would be welcome.
    Can never understand why only six Cherilea recasts (60mm) are available. I have a long standing interest in FitzjamesHorse the "French" cavalry and have had access to a data base which has enabled me to pick up the names/origins of every trooper in the 1730s and 1740s....of course the Database has not actually worked for months.
    I have used about 15 Del Prado "Blenheim" cavalry and pretended they are FJH (conversion is too strong a word) and I am trying to build a little community/barracks including civilians......Replicants have some decent civilians.

  2. Spot on John. The Gaul was the naked fanatic which made conversion largely a matter of adding clothes from epoxy putty, and a targe. The 2 Airfix medievals wear tights which are easily passed off as bare legs, and a knee length garment whch became the basis of the kilt. The figure in the rear doing a backhanded slash, is a Marx viking, a marvelous source of conversion fodder for highlanders. Last but not least, the chieftain with sword and pistol is an Accurate AWI officer with coat cut down. I think I may have done another in truibhs. (sic) In all cases, sftre trimming bsck sny unwanted bits, I added plaids, facial hair, bonnets etc with greenstuff.

    The Barzo Black Watch is an excellent source of Jacobies, esp if you follow the modern take that muskets and bayonets were more common that broadswords though they have a figure wielding broadsword & dirk and one with what looks more like a lochabor axe than a sergeants halbard.

    Have you looked at the AIP 'so called' AWI cavalry in tricornes as a possible basis for FJH?