Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still Stalling - 40mm AWI Jaegers

Since I am having trouble locating the box full of Zinnbrigade molds that I need to get my 40mm Toy Soldier project back on the move, I have turned my attention to the rest of the backlog.  A group of us here started a 40mm AWI project a couple of years ago. Games have been thin on the ground since 1/2 the forces moved away but new recruiting is slowly getting under way. What we need are more line infantry. What I have just added are some Jaegers from Sash & Saber. Johnson's Greens are next with an eye on Oriskany.

A company of Jaegers skirmishes through the fields along the Belmont Rd.


  1. Ross they do look the part- I'm definitely avoiding the awi IN 40MM as I have a 25/28/30mm collection .

  2. figures look great,ive just started on my collection of 40mm from front rank,but might have to add some sash and saber.