Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Change of Hearts

The seemingly inevitable result of getting the mental juices flowing is another revision to Hearts of Tin .

1) The first, which is a change to the movement rules, stems from starting to see the Brigade more as an entity with the units being components rather than being a collection of entities. Instead of dicing for the movement of each unit, I have decided to dice once for each brigade (and for stray units), partly to make the game play more smoothly, partly to better represent the Brigadier's handling of his brigade. This necessitated a chain of collateral changes  including some welcome simplification of things that distract from the important stuff.

2) I put the fire combat system back to where it was originally in concept. This also made it simpler and helps clarify a player's tactical options.

3) The melee system naturally has had small but vital changes. Some deal with how many dice are rolled and what modifiers are applied, others deal with resolution which will now be done by Brigade and do away with the severity of defeat morale tests. The over all result should get the same intended results more reliably with less fuss.

4)  The last major change involves morale, the elimination of the new morale test and the disorder state as well as an adjustment to the rules for being Shaken that will take into account entirely Elite, Militia or Irregular brigades.

Can't wait to try them out. I was going to change the scenario for something more complex but now I am interested to see how it compares and the table hasn't been reset yet so tomorrow  I intend to "play it again".

1 comment:

  1. These changes suit me (and my 10mm lads) very well indeed. Very easy to use stand oriented, and brigade level rolling works well since I tend to have many brigades with small units compared to your forces.

    I had considered using different dice colors to handle different movement dice within a brigade, but the movement multiples are far simpler.