Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interim Post

Most of the activity this last week, both painting/rebasing and gaming has been Ancients related and thus relegated to the Gathering of Hosts blog. However, I did manage to paint up 1 stand of 40mm Merten archers.

They look a little more 15thC than 16thC but not impossibly so. I moved the quivers on 2 of them to the belt but there was no helping the chap drawing an arrow. They still need a lick of varnish and some work on the base when the undercoat and glue are all dry but they are serviceable as is and I'm happy enough with them.

Merten archers to the fore, my own home made ones in behind. 

So with Greco-Bactrians table ready & tried and a new stand of archers,  that's 2 things accomplished from my list. The relocation of my painting desk following a re-org of the family room has been backed up a bit as we experiment with layouts and the room clean up and reorg is hurrying up and waiting on that.  Looks like a 20mm ACW game next weekend so that'll be the focus for this week.

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