Monday, April 16, 2012

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Last year, after finding myself in a game of Hordes of the Things, I dug out a handful of old fantasy figures, animals and left behind ancient and medieval figures and assembled some proto-fantasy armies for HotT.   
A short time later I was surprised and pleased to receive a package from Tim of Megablitz fame. He had been sorting through the collection of his late friend  John G Robertson. and finding homes for them at the request of  John's widow, and came across these figures which fit right in with my new project.  They look like old Minifigs to me but my newest Minifig catalogue is from White Plains in 1974 and the only fantasy figures in it are the initial Middle Earth range.  In any event, they will fight again!

Thank you John! And thank you Tim.

Fantasy figures from the late John G Robertson's collection.

Ron has given me the OK to share his Hex based adaptation of Basic Impetus.  This is a totally unauthorized adaptation of the rules. I'll post the link shortly on the left. In the mean time, here are my initial thoughts on incorporating my fantasy figures. Having done this, Ron tells me there is a fantasy version on the net so I'll have to go check that out.   

Fantasy thoughts for Hexed Basic Impetus.

The idea is to incorporate a few fantasy figures that I have into Hexed Basic Impetus with the minimum of disruption. For that reason existing rules are used as much as possible even if some flavour is lost. I have not bothered to add rules for troops that I don't envisage using. Inspiration has been drawn primarily from RE Howard's and Tolkien's works and some old rule sets that dealt with them but with a dose of Hordes of the Things.

Magicians.  A magician stand may be a powerful sorcerer/warlock/witch etc or a circle of lesser ones. A powerful Magician is always the real commander of an army even if there is a figurehead General or King. He may not attach to any unit. Minor magicians or circles may work in support of an ordinary commander but only one magician is allowed in any army.  A magician moves 3 hexes, has a VBU of 1, 0 Impetus and is VD3. He follows all of the movement rules for Skirmishers and is considered to be a skirmish target. A really great magician commander may be VBU 2. 
  1. Spells. Whatever the details of the spells that a magician uses from illusions, terror, fireballs, earthquakes or what have you and how they actually effect a unit, the effect in the game is worked out precisely the same as shooting with Artillery A. However, it is not possible to move and cast a spell nor may a spell be cast when disordered.
  2. Vanishing. A magician may always vanish or teleport to a safe place on his/her turn instead of any other activity as long as he/she is not disordered. He/she is does not count as lost for VDT purposes but if a General, the +2 on the inititiative is lost. It is, unfortunately, not possible to return during the game.
  3. Summoning. A magician may summon a demon, monster or other fearsome object. Nominate an empty hex and roll as normal for a spell. If any hits are scored a disordered Beast will be put in that hex, facing a random direction. These things are notoriuosly hard to control. As long as the magician concentrates, he may control the Monster. If he/she moves, becomes disordered, fights in melee, casts a spell or vanishes, he/she will lose control. Roll 1 die to pick which direction to face then each turn, after all units on both sides have moved,  the monster/demon will move full speed in the direction it is now facing until it leaves the table. It will attack any unit of either side which gets in its way.  Having it move off table, controlled or not, or routing it is the only  way to get rid of it once summoned.
Monsters, Demons, Great Beasts and other Behemoths. Any large creatures, magical or not, including Trolls etc count as elephants for all rules purposes.

Flying creatures. Flying creatures count as light cavalry (CL) for all purposes but may pass over any unit or terrain of either side as long as they can land in an empty hex. They count as mounted if fighting in woods. Dragons are another story and an army unto themselves. As such they are not covered.
Most are  VBU 2 Impetus 1 VD 2. 

4. Huminoids and smaller beasts. (ie Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, etc) These are treated as equivalent Human troops. Hordes of ineffective infantry should have a low VBU, low impetus, a VD of 1 and be formed into large units.

5. Special Characters, heroes, assasins, lurkers, sneakers and the like. Hero types should be treated as Generals including the unattached General rule from Hexed Basic Impetus. The rest I leave to scenario/army specific rules or later additions. For example a particular magic sword used by a hero attached to a  unit may be worth an extra die in melee vs some troop types or a magic shield might provide cover. 


  1. Ross,

    Great post title, and I like those ! They could do for any fantasy setting, a formation of she-devils under the spell of their wizard: are they a match for the sword of Conan ?


    1. A match? Probably not Steve but he'd probably enjoy the exercise.

  2. Excellent news re Ron decision-thank you.
    As I like HOTT I am most excited by what I read above.
    Interesting fantasy adaptions. I have a Scottish mythological Basic Impetus army and will try it with these adaptions soon I hope. Their opponents are a medieval highland army.
    best wishes
    p.s the winged bearded chap at the back is a figure I once had many moons ago- thanks for reminding me of him.

    1. They are pretty tame/bland fantasy adaptations as such things go but that suits the my taste/views. I did find a Fantasy Impetus set on the Forum last night but after reading through it, it wasn't to my taste. Too mnay special rules and it seemed to be geared towards bigger, tougher, faster etc reminded me a bit too much of warhammer.

      Aa far as I am concerned, just because troops have swarthy skin or pointy ears doesn't mean they can't be accommodated under the normal rules.

  3. Boobies on your blog! Whatever next? Nice to see you've found a use for the figures.

  4. Why do they have birds sitting on their heads?

    1. I think its actually a bronze flame tiara? Could be a bird.

  5. Hi Ross

    I have an American webfriend looking for an early Minifigs catalogue, circa 1971, and in particular details of the Napoleonic 25mm S Range. Do you have such a thing in your collections?


    1. I have one c 1973 , It still has the s ranges. I can scan the pages in, might not be for a few days.