Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Draught of Hot Air

OK I have done the roughing in to bring the November Hearts of Tin up to date  and have uploaded the draft copy.  I haven't done more than scratch the surface of fixing formatting and adding explanations or the design notes, examples of troop types, diagrams and all the rest of the things that I want to do to make this a final and finished set of rules for myself.

Having started with the November version since it was aimed at single figures and used inches, it was tricky not losing too much of the current version and  I know there are a few areas where some abandoned ideas like the old version of defensive fire haven't been purged yet and some things like immediate exchange of fire not yet written in or the terrain rewritten into more conventional terms yet but I think that the main rules are there, and ready to be tested along with the new "improved" morale. It is tempting to jump in and play a single figure colonial game but probably best to haul out the multi-figure bases and make sure that I haven't broken the part that sort of worked.


  1. By all means, do check it out with a multi-figure game or two first, Ross.

    Might I also suggest that such a game or games involve troops "in garrison" within buildings since that is one of the aspects of HoT that I'm quite interested in?

    Are the rules for "garrison" too strong or too weak or just right with your changes?

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff, I don't think any of the changes will affect garrisons but we'll see. I'll look for a scenario that will include both a fortified village and an unfortified one.