Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Spokes Are Better Than None.

Yes rumours of my demise  etc., etc..  I've just been off to help celebrate a friend's wedding and the slightly matter of a 4,200 km round trip has kept me off the web for the last week, apart from a few quick peeks over coffee and wifi at various Tim Horton's. (thanks Tim!). But, now, I'm home and sort of  rested (not to mention once again thinking that it was a kilo-kilometer too far for a 1 week round trip) and regular blogging should resume this weekend.

I knew I was starting to recover when I started applying paint to some of those 40mm Merten medieval ladies this morning and pondering rules. Its true, I said I was going to use a slight variant on Medieval Mayhem. After all, it is at just the right level with what seem the sort of right individual focus but still simple, but there is all of that die rolling. Its not so bad in a multi-player game where each player has a dozen or so figures in a few groups but I can see working up to solo games with 50 or 60 figures or more in  a dozen or more groups and never mind movement, with combat followed by effect dice and morale, there can be several hundred rolls in a turn. Quite apart from the wrist exercise and time, it seems to diminish the drama not to mention numbing my mind.

It still needs some thinking but surely its not beyond me to do something as simple as Rattle of Dice, (Rattle of Swords?) with provisions for heroes, and armour and magic to provide a fair simulation of comic book and fictional battle. Stay tuned, the wheel is being reinvented again.

Archive photo from July 2010: Episode 11 Raiders in the Pass


  1. I've driven over 400 mile this week, but you chaps in the colonies always have to go one better!
    Anyway, it's good to have you back.

    1. To be honest there were large chunks of land that I would gladly have gotten rid of to shrink the drive but they won't let me.

  2. Hi Ross.
    I missed your posts. Welcome back.
    If I recall correctly (~50/50), you tried HOTT a while back, right?
    Apparently it is not on the table as an option. Just wondered why. I'm guessing it is the lack of unit differentiation (and detail in general).


    1. Its been 2 years since I played HOTT but I used to play dba a few decades ago so not all that new. I even based up some figures for it but there are 2 issues:

      1) Its a battle game about masses in pitched battles and I'm looking for something focusing on individual characters in a less structured setting. It would be possible to adapt HOTT but it would be more work than starting from scratch. Not to say I won't borrow anything.

      2) The challenge, fore me at least, in DBA/HOTT is pitting wits vs an opponent. Somethnings are chancy, others fairly predictable within limits and its how you put things together and surprise ormoutthink your enemy that usually tips the balance though die rolls can decide a very even match. I'm not mentally disciplined enough to get the most out of a solo match and simple dice or card based AI don't generally satisfy me with the system either because of its tightness. Bit loike chess where the moves are simple but the game is complex because of the possibilities, interactions and combinations.