Thursday, November 2, 2017

As You Were!

This morning I was poking about and planning when I happened to look back at some older posts on the subject of wargaming in the breechloader era, posts such as  The-tin-army-steps-back-and-digs-in

"WHACK" (sound of palm smacking forehead)

I had decided in January to allow myself to expand my 54mm Toy Soldier collection again and let it take exclusive occupation of the late 19thC which is why the existing 40's for the same period were officially transferred to the early 20thC campaigns.

How do I forget these things so quickly?

From the Archives.


  1. My trick is to write this sort of thing down on a bit of paper as an 'aide memoire'. Then all I have to do is remember where I put that BALLY bit of paper...

  2. Now those are 'proper' toy soldiers - very smart!

  3. The lure of 54mm...I've always admired 54mm...though never aspired to owning anything substantial nor ever gaming with 54mm. However I did manufacture a 54mm James Bond Set - 'Goldfinger' and another set based on the Movie - 'First Men In The Moon'...and ...almost finished a WW1 Plastic 54mm Project...are the indecisions!
    I do enjoy your Posts ROSS. Cheers. KEV.