Sunday, July 14, 2019


The King's County Tabletop and Boardgame Society holds a quarterly Tabletop Games day in Kentville NS and have always made our little group of wargamers welcome.

That's me in the X-Wing shortly before I grab the bonus weapon and......... get blown up! Again!

Kingcon was their first go at a weekend long convention so we happily accepted their invitation to take part.  My main contribution was to run some Old School miniatures games of the "One Hour, walk up, learn and play" sort. On Saturday morning I laid out Chrsyler's Farm (War of 1812) and a small Prince Valiant wagon train ambush. For my convenience I used a single ground cloth divided in half so I could run both games singlehandedly if there was enough interest. I really did intend to take a picture.....

The plan was to hang around for the afternoon and try some non-wargame games but 'stuff' came up and I had to head home early both afternoon. I got to chat with friends, acquaintances and some new faces and got in a couple of games anyway.

On Saturday, a couple of the gang did a quick run through of the Prince Valiant game. (Don't worry Paul, I won't mention that you failed to protect the wagons again..oops

A larger version of the scenario played last fall.
Today I just set up Chrysler's Farm and had 3 players who fought a tight battle which ended in a British defeat. Then a couple of us slid down to the other end of the table to play XWing, my 2nd go at the game.

The American Dragoons over ran the British gun and sealed the victory, not that it would have changed the end of the campaign.

Well it may not have been Historicon but it was a good way to spend a big chunk of the weekend and about 1,500 km closer. For a small town in the country,  I think they had a good turn out with a lot going on  far into the evenings on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully they do it again next year.

Now... where was I?


  1. Sounds a great way to spend a weekend .

  2. Two lovely tables on show there. The Star War's Mat is a success and looks very futuristic, you table looks beautifully period.

    1. These new(ish) mats are amazing. (I didn't ask how much he paid for it.)

  3. Going to have to get out for this at some point.

  4. I will pass on the dates when they come out.

  5. The shopping may be better at a big con, but I don’t think that the gaming necessarily is...