Monday, August 19, 2019

Filling a Hole in the Line(up)

The other day I was enjoying a battle report on Maudlin Jack Tar's Projects and Procrastination when I was hit by a wave of nosatalgia for my old Morschauser inspired games and a sudden realization that I no longer had a similar game or even a Portable Wargame style game ready to go.  Time to get on that.

Atlantican irregulars preparing for war.
mostly Scruby from Historifig)

In part this nostalgia goes back to memories of small 54mm Volley & Bayonet games with my friend Tom in the late 90's, and in part to my various cardtable and portable games.

I think this 2015 post sums up much of the attraction  reasonably well.

Quickly reviewing my shelves, I was relieved to be reminded that my shiny Colonial 40mm collection was in limbo and that this was just the sort of thing that I had had in mind for them when I got around to it. In other words, a small, limited,  collection of figures, based and organized to quickly set up, play, and pack away small games. Phew! The perfect period for it.

A quick check confirmed that I had enough Brits (by any other name) and almost enough of my Not-Boer and fictional Native opponents ready to play with only a little work. I also have enough unpainted figures on hand to finish the armies.

The General reviews the Dominion of Faraway's troops as war looms.
Three Squadrons of Lancers, seven companies of infantry, 2 machine guns, a motor machine gun, a battery of field guns, a Mountain Battery and a heavy howitzer. ("Hmm Feswig, where is the Koolahat Battery?" "Sir, they'll be coming 'round the Mountain anytime now" "Yaaas all right and see if we can get them all into khaki before the Oerbergers shoot them to pieces" )

I should be able to get a game on the table by this weekend to see how it fits.


  1. That Faraway force looks to have lots of character. Will you be using Morschauser, PW, one of your own creations, or another rules option?

    1. Undescided but compatible with all of the above. The starting point will be a version of my Square Brigadier but the OW remains another option.

  2. Khaki? A colour only fit for Colonials and Territorials!

  3. Replies
    1. Farther back.... well, set in Atlantica, my South Atlantic island sub continent that doesn't seem to mentioned in histories or geography texts....

  4. Thanks for mentioning my game Ross. The Dominion's Army is splendid; I really like the early 20th Century look.

  5. Hi Ross- Boy-o-boy! You sure have got a lot of figures- judging be the four shelves crammed packed with them. Always look forward to your posts. Cheers. KEV.