Thursday, August 5, 2021

Stay Away From My Cows!

 No sooner had Prince Micheal recovered the wounds he had suffered during the last convoy escort fight, than he was called to action again. The enemy was on his way to sack another village.

The arrows began to fly as the Saxons approached the abatis on the bridge and Helgin led his Hearthguard in a fierce charge 

An overview: the fight at the bridge was long and bloody  as the Saxons strove to cross the abatis and force the British back. On the upper right Dearg Mor has just arrived with a troop of his mounted raiders supported by archers and slingers. 

"Stay away from my cows"
Note the Widow Augusta 
at the road junction. She had inherited the village when her husband had been slain, and she was determined that no "filthy Heathen" would take her farm's cattle. She would play her part before the day was over, even though she'd been forced to give up her late husband's sword.

At last! Many of the Hearthguard were dead or wounded but Helgin and those warriors who could still fight were across the abatis. One more push! 

Across the river though, it was all over. Dearg Mohr had ridden over the young squire in charge of getting the herd and wagons to safety and headed directly for the Widow. Deftly dodging him, she clocked him with a cudgel, leaving his stunned body to be dragged away by his men. At almost the same moment, one of Micheal's warriors brought down his standard bearer. The remaining Picts grabbed their Chieftain's stunned body and headed back to their hills. 

Seizing the moment, Prince Micheal called for his remaining men to follow and led a fierce charge which swept the Saxons back over the bridge. Lightly wounded, with his Pictish allies fleeing the field. Helgin waved his men back. Time to save those wounded that could be saved and live to reive another day.   

Notes; Figures are mostly repainted and/or converted Elastolin 4cm plastic figures. The rules are the latest version of my house rules for them "Stout Hearts and Willing Swords".


  1. ("Eeyaaaghh!! It's the Barbarians At The Gates!")

    Next up? Hägar the Horrible and his not-so-merry band of comic strip frændur?
    Will these godless heathens ever stop?!

    1. Apparently not, but they sail the net now instead of the sea.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed! Almost a month overdue what with the reorg and rebase and external factors.

  3. Entertaining report. Looking forward to the return of the filthy heathens.

    1. Is that a hint that you're coming back for a visit in September :)