Saturday, June 25, 2022


The repulse of the Dominion column in April, due largely to the intervention of an Oerberg column, has stirred the nascent rebellion in Kapelle. In addition to the local defense forces which are being formed in many a village, the insurgent government has begun raising regular units, relying largely on contributions of arms, uniforms and instructors from Oerberg.

Fresh off the painting desk this morning.

I have a feeling that the question of a free and independant Republic of Kapelle is a long way from decided. 


Meanwhile, I took advantage of being home alone (human-wise) to spend a little extra hobby time this week. The OHW hadn't taken long to play, ending somewhere around turn 9 out of 15.  It was a little too quick with too few decisions to make for the game to be satisfying so I decided to try again, and again, fiddling with organization and rules in between each round. In the final game, the Oerberg force would have won by getting 2 units off somewhere around turn 9 out of 15, if they'd gone first on the next turn, but....... 

The final game,  just before Tin Lizzie's MG cuts down the remnant of the Oerberg Mounted Police by rolling 3x6's on 3!!!! dice, followed by the Lancers overrunning the Railway company and the Commander. 
Oh well.

Like many One Hour Wargames, it only took about 20 minutes of actual playing time to play. As much time was spent taking pictures and at least that much again trying to figure out if a new or revised set of rules were working and why or why not.  For example,  which is better, more smaller units vs fewer larger ones, or the same number of larger units for that matter, die modifiers for cover vs Old School 1/2 casualties vs dropping dice ala Battlecry, and so on and on, orders dice vs command radius + activation roll vs....etc etc.  Then I thought about the scenario and wondered how it could possibly last more than 20 minutes. I'll have to try the rules with a different scenario, preferably not another OHW one, as handy as they are.

Now however, it's time to move on to the 1790's. I want to paint up at least one new unit, two if things go well, and then it'll be game time on Tuesday!  


  1. Well, for a longer game there is always the old stand-bye of making it bigger--not that anyone would do that sort of thing :)