Wednesday, June 29, 2022

One More Before We Go.

A long while ago, I bought two of the Prince August mounted cowboy moulds but had never painted any up. As the Kapelle Rebellion has started coming together, I decided to do at least 1 of each. Its rather surprising how well shiny toy soldier semi-flat horsemen can mix in with fully round ones of a similar size and style. 

The PA cowboys are in front, in the rear are two Scruby ACW riders on Zinnbrigade horses.

The previous game had been the first Kapelle Rebellion game that hadn't been played with some version of the Square Brigadier. The game was so so at best, part of that was the particular OHW scenario I had chosen, but part of it was the first draft of a new set of rules for the off grid games. I let it sit for a few days and then started thinking about it. Eventually, I decided that since I was using neither grid nor multi-figure bases, I could do something a little more Old School. Once a set were quickly drawn up, I decided they needed to be tried while they were fresh, but with a simple, Old School scenario. 

The Rebel army stands to as Domion forces deploy on the horizon (aka the opposing table edge.).

Hopefully I can play this out on Thursday, otherwise it'll have to be next week. 


  1. Fascinating to see semi flat and round together. They do mix together really well. I do like the look of the defensive position. Is that an example of Britains walling I see before me? Enjoy the game when you play it.
    Alan Tradgardland

    1. The walls came from a cheap knock-off Knights and castle boxed set. (The castle was a single 2d gate wall section.) I never had any Britain's walls but I suspect that's what they were copied from.