ROLL CALL: April 2020, My Twelve Active Collections

Here is what I have narrowed my collecting and wargaming focus to as of May 2020.  More details will be added.

(All pictures from blog archives  of games fought between 2013 and 2020.)

In Rough Chronological Order

1. In the Days of King Arthur.  40mm  Elastolin Post Roman Britain inspired by Rosemary Sutcliffe's books, Prince Valiant and the Elastolin 4cm figures for the period. This started as a Skirmish game collection using Medieval Mayhem (See Battlegames Issue 6) but despite my "best efforts" my collection of Elastolins has grown too big for my idea of skirmish games so it has moved on to small low level scenarios. The rules and the collection seriously need a good name but  1-3 games a year.
Rules: Castle Dangerous or Medieval Mayhem.
Earl Helgin and his Huscarles.

2. Land of the 4 Winds. OS-25mm Medieval Fantasy using figures added over 45 years of wargaming.  See my Gathering of Hosts blog.

3. NEW! (TBN)  40mm Medieval-Fantasy skirmishes. 

4. Rough Wooing. 40mm 16thC including a large proportion of original homecast figures as well as Elastolins, Doug Miller, and a few others.   A game or three most years.

5. NotQuiteSevenYearsWar (NQSYW)  40mm home cast Prince August armies in a fictional 18thC setting.

This began as my contribution to the HAWKS for HMGS multi-player games using Charge! by Lawford & Young. 1-2 Charge! games every couple of years and some smaller games of With MacDuff to the Frontier or A Gentleman's War in between. I intend to add enough a few more units suitable for games set in North America.

6. The French Revolution: A Gentleman's War??  40mm Homecast. The 1790's have long been my favourite Horse & Musket era for wargaming. It has just about every conceivable type of operation from conventional land battles to rebellions and guerilla warfare, colonial actions, sieges and amphibious landings and more. The largest single collection I've ever built was my 15mm FR collection, with French, British inc RN and Marines with boats, Emigres, Dutch, Austrians, Russians, Turks inc Malukes, Vendean (and a few Irish) rebels, and Haitians. I'm not planning on rebuilding all that but I'm taking it one step at a time starting with a game in Flanders with the Scarlet Pimpernel and other characters making Cameo appearances. These armies will match my handful of homeless 40mm Turks though...........

7. War of 1812 +. 40mm Scruby + Original and Zinnbrigade homecast figures. Aimed at fighting small battles both historical and fictional.  2-3 games every couple of years.

8.  Atlantica: Colonial Wars  40mm Scruby + Original and Zinnbrigade homecast figures. Aimed at fighting Colonial skirmishes and small battles in a fictional setting.  2-3 games every couple of years.

9. ACW . 1/72, mostly Airfix,  ACW.  1-2 games a year. Still more recruits waiting  in the cupboard but more terrain is the big thing now.

10. ATLANTICA: The Origawn or NorthWest Rebellion. 54mm glossy toy soldier fictional wargames. 12+ games a year.

11. ATLANTICA: The Oerberg War. Early 20thC Colonial games using 40mm glossy toy soldiers.  1-2 games a year.

12. The Portable Wargame.  Mid 20thC games using Bob Cordery's The Portable Wargame. The armies include some veterans of  my backyard battles in the early 60's as well as more recent purchase of used Lone Star, Crescent and Herald figures as well as Dollar store figures and vehicles. A couple of games every couple of years.

Retired/Near Misses.

Battle for New France and Acadia. 30mm 18thC miniatures battling for control of Acadia and Quebec.  The basis of this was a collection of 30mm figures, my first metal wargame figures, that I bought in 1973. The figures were originally commissioned for a diorama of the 1759 battle on the Plains of Abrahams for a museum in Quebec which I once had the opportunity to view. Mine were part of the surplus which a dealer was selling off and have probably fought less than a dozen battles in 35 years despite being near and dear to my heart. I finally found just what they have been needing, a new home  where there are some of their kin and where they will see the light of day and get to fight again. 

54mm Portable Zulu War
Refurbished Britains against (largely) A Call to Arms Zulus but I don't really hunger to fight Zulu War games so The British are sailing off to fight the Origawn Rebels while the Zulus go back to sleep until called for again, possibly re-based as individuals. I need to try the wave thing where destroyed Zulu units get recycled on to the table as a second wave of attackers. 

Along the Nile. 25mm (!) 1807 Egypt. 
A nascent Portable Wargame using molds and figures already in hand. Maybe one day.



  1. Hard to choose but as I'm currently reading Sword at Sunset (your recommendation) I will nominate a 40mm Prince Valiant mini-campaign.

  2. Atlantica! I want to see your Guardsmen take on the Plains Indians again. War of 1812+, a close second.

  3. I'd like to vote for the War of 1812, please.


  4. As you know, what I think now is liable to change tomorrow, but that phrase 'involving pirates, balloons and steamships' makes my vote today 5. War of 1812+ - with lots of balloons and steamships.

  5. I love your Prince Valiant games - so that's my vote!