Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sending MacDuff to the Front.

Having laid out some 40mm troops t try again, it occurred to me that it was really a MacDuff game that was in my head, Here is a stripped down rethink of a MacDuff based late 19thC early 20thC ruleset. If it works out I'll do the legwork to put it together. AT stuff for later games will have to be added as well as many other things and explanations.
 With MacDuff at the Front
15 Nov 2011 (edited)

Company/Troop: 12 infantry, 6 cavalry, 1 gun and crew.
Regulars Officer+sergeant, conscript 1 officer, Elite Officer 2 nco.
Colonel commands several companies.
Brigade HQ commands Wargame army.
Sequence of play: Take deck of cards, assign Red to one side, Black to the other. Draw cards, when a card is drawn, 1 unit or group of units may Act. Group must be touching and receiving the same order.
 Actions are: Move, Shoot, Rally, Charge, Hold fire.
After all actions done resolve melee.

Orders. Company. Roll 1 die when activated. 2+ = obey. 1 = cavalry charge if able, others halt may shoot, may not rally or hold fire. -1 no officer, -1 beyond 12” of Colonel, -1 beyond 24” of Brigade HQ unless connected by wire or radio or signal team.

Infantry, Artillery, Brigade HQ 12”, Cavalry, Colonel, Horse Artillery 18”, Wagon, 6"
Road bonus +50% if in road column X 1/3 in bad going for cav, arty, HQ, all  -3:" cross obstacle.
Artillery except MG, HQ -6" to limber/unlimber, cav -6" to mount/dismount
Wire takes whole turn to cross.

1 die per 2 rifles, 1 per crew for arty, MG. 2 dice per grenade
Grenade 3”, Rifles 12”, MG 18”, Arty 48”
4,5,6 hits, X 1/2 over half range, X1/2 tgt has cover, Drop fractions
Double dice vs column
Special Effects.
If any hits roll 1 die 6=officer or specialist hit.
Vs cover or armour a 6 by a field gun is needed to breach cover or destroy armour.

Reaction. A unit may fire if charged from the front, even if it has already fired. Fire takes place at 3".
Cavalry can countercharge to the front unless disordered
A unit on Hold Fire orders, may shoot once at an enemy which moves to within 1/2 range or leaves cover.  

Melee.  Resolve if any figures in contact, Pair off. If 2 vs 1 then roll 1 die per figure and choose whoch to use. High score wins. Cav which charged doubles die except vs countercharging cavalry or enemy in cover. 
Side with most losses retreats full move. Winner may occupy position. Cavalry which charged and won may charge again and resolve melee. After melee both sides are disordered.

Morale. A unit which loses 25% of its current strength from shooting in 1 turn will immediately halt for the rest of the turn. (Note this may halt a charge for example)
A unit which loses 50% of its current strength from shooting in 1 turn will immediately retreat a full move in disorder.
If all infantry and cavalry units reduced to 1/2 strength then concede battle.

Disorder. A disordered unit may not shoot or move towards the enemy until rallied. A unit which obeys a rally order spends a turn stationary.

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