Saturday, August 4, 2012

Echoes of Silence

Last Wednesday a TV went silent. Ordinarily I would consider this a matter of rejoicing.

This, however, was the small, old TV in my mother-in-law's sitting room and my wife had been waiting and planning for this moment. Quick as a wink, the slightly larger, slightly newer tv from the family room was moved over, the silent one was at the recycling depot and we had a newer, not quite obsolete yet,TV  that was yet a little bit bigger again, Two inches too big to fit where the old one came out of as it happened. And so it began.

The family room is just about back together in a less crowded, more comfortable configuration but it doesn't contain my painting desk anymore and my games room is in turmoil as I try to figure out how to re-integrate a painting desk and make it less congested at the same time.  Could be a while before the next Home Game or the next painted figures. Luckily  there are Away Games in the air.

From my Gathering Of Hosts blog, the last figures painted downstairs.  


  1. Aarrrggh,

    I really like the look of your home games, Ross. I will miss them.

    Do you suspect a deliberate plan from Mrs. Mac to eject your painting desk?

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff, No not a plan on Kathy's part, a tactical withdrawal on my part to gain maneuver room downstairs and consolidate figure preparation and finishing space (upstairs) with the painting area (downstairs for the last year).

      Shouldn't take me all that long to get things back together, another week at most. It depends on whether I turn the table or not.

  2. I find protecting hobby space is an ongoing struggle, a campaign really, and occasionally one experiences defeat and is forced to withdraw. How especially annoying that this inconvenience is caused by TV of all things.

    I suppose one just has to regroup and plan the retaking of lost territory. A couple of Christmases ago I was bought a GW paint-station (tray with handles). Initially I was suspicious of it, but lately I've taken to carrying it about and using it on the likes of the kitchen table; this has secured some tactical benefits, though of course it doesn't really affect the strategic question, and there's always the nuisance of having to go back upstairs to fetch a different colour.

    Best of luck :-)

    1. Steve, The TV was more catalyst than cause. I think of it more as a withdrawal from a hard to defend salient after an unsuccessful offensive. I moved the desk downstairs a year or so ago thinking it might increase painting time and give me more space upstairs but it didn't work, I think I might have painted less, the space upstairs just got more cluttered and recently, as the puppies near their first birthday, chewable things have been increasingly likely to disappear off the desk if I let my guard down.

      If I can solve the conundrum of what to get rid of and how best to arrange it, it should mean smoother, more productive hobby time and a less cluttered space. My fear is that sounds a bit like writing a simple but effective set of rules!

    2. I like to pretend that I'm besieged but really I do have a protected space of my own and it is all down to how I organise it. Or not... :-)