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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Slow Progress is still Progress

As one can see the France 1914 theme is still going strong. The BEF not so much. At this rate I may have to settle for 1st Ypres.

I was happier with the Maxim before I cut it free and realized that the legs had been drilled in at too shallow an angle, more appropriate for a prone gunner rather than the sitting one I have been working on. Attempts to subtly bend the legs right where they join the central hub were defeated by the rigidity of the stray bit of wire I used and so I have an awkward bend in the middle. Oh well, it'll work and I've learned a few lessons so that the next will be better. This will probably be the last sitting gunner though. Too dammed much work and he looks like he will be fragile, esp since I snapped his leg trying to spread it. This hard pewter mix is not like the old soft lead/tin.

I still have a few bits to do, arms for the gunner, ammo box and belt, modified tunics etc. At least the maxim is slightly simplified vs the Vickers. I haven't quite figured out how to do the sledge for the German gun but I have a few vague ideas. More nice simple infantry first, straight out of the mold to the painting table to give me a break.


  1. The scene promises a good project - I am curious!

  2. I reckon the Maxim looks fine. It does make me wonder if, like the Vickers, it had an 'up' and a 'down' position. If so, then we'd be looking at the 'down' position here. At that I'm pretty sure the gunner would still be sitting, rather than prone. Whatever, once painted up and so forth, I reckon it will look just the thing!

    1. I have seen pictures of prone gunners. A few discrete bushes should help the legs.