Sunday, September 14, 2014

Special Edition: 'Old Cords' Lights a Fire

War in the North!

Oerburg opens fire without provocation

Artist conception of Oerberg troops ambushing a Faraway train on patrol.
Today Oerberg's President, more commonly referred to as 'Uncle Bob' or 'Old Cords' declared an end to boundary discussions with Her Majesty by opening fire on a patrol operating on a section of railroad near New Junction in Faraway's Northwest Territory, above the central mountains. It seems that Old Cords, so called from his oft quoted saying that "brains not clothes, make the man" and his habit of governing in his everyday corderoy work clothes, has decided that Oerberg's bogus claims to the gold fields in the Kapelle hills may be only be won by a show of strength and that the long peace is an indication that Faraway will not fight..

Details of the incident will follow but a spokesman for Her Majesty has promised that this challenge to our rights in this area will not go unanswered but that at this time there was no need to mobilize as local security forces are confident of settling with this ragtag bunch of farmers.


  1. It sounds like Old Cords has thrown the cat in amongst the pigeons.
    I must say after talking part in a game yesterday with a very satisfying train model ( ), that seeing the above picture made me smile. The hobby needs more games with trains.

  2. Ross Mac,

    'Uncle Bob'/'Old Cords' doesn't have a beard by any chance does he?

    I look forward to reading your next battle report with great interest!

    All the best,