Monday, September 29, 2014

Planning and Preparation Proceeds

This is almost worrisome. I started painting for this WW1 toy soldier thing in mid-July and so far there is no sign of flagging production or of wandering attention, if anything my enthusiasm is increasing.

Well, get it while it's going.
A month or so ago I promised a comparison photo.
L to R, Glorious Little Soldiers from Big Andy C., Scruby, STS (via Jacklex), Zinnbrigade, Irregular, Zinnbrigade. Note that the 1st Zinnbrigade figure  is running and is leaning forward rather than short. The 1st figure is similar in height to the one Britain's W range infantryman that I have. The others are closer to Elastolin in size
Even more unusual for me is that, after an initial flurry,  I've been dragging my feet on rules exploration and test games. I have a pretty good idea of the overall look and feel that I want for both armies and games but within that framework have 3 different combat mechanisms under consideration. Rather than testing them with stand-in armies as is my wont, I have decided to wait until I have sufficient appropriate figures for France in the fall of 1914.

Depending on how small a scenario I am willing to start with, that might be as early as this coming weekend or as late as the Thanksgiving Weekend in mid October. (The Canadian version, presumably our harvest is earlier?) After some wavering I am committed to my original plan of 4 man infantry units, with 4 cavalry and 1 gun/machine gun with crew. The current count of drab units  (plus Zouaves) is 11 out of 14 planned allied units vs 11 out of 16 planned  German units. (Planned as in the short term and figures or molds on hand, long term is much larger but open ended.)

In preparation, the trial 6" squares have been reverted to 4" ones. I liked the look of the bigger squares but my 4 man units looked lost and I decided that more squares would mean more tactical and scenario options.  Since the 4" squares had worked in early games as well as in earlier periods,  they seemed like the best all around choice. Case closed.

Stay tuned.

Zinnbrigade lancer and STS cavalryman.
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  1. Your discussions are truly insightful and offer a lot of food for thought. The metacognitive aspect of explaning your thinking - which in fact is genuine thinking about your thinking - is very rare in our hobby. You mentioned a target of Canadian Thanksgiving for a preliminary run through. Why not cap your activity off by playing another game on US Thanksgiving? You certainly would have something to give thanks for if you resolve your problem of which rules set to use.
    Just as a BTW - I love Thanksgiving and really love family and food. What type of food is traditional in Canada for your Thanksgiving celebration? Americans generally and mythically cook turkey. Is there something traditional like that in Canada?
    All the best,

    1. Thanks Jerry, suggestion noted.

      Yes, apart from local or individual variations, its pretty much the same traditional feast on both sides of the border, roast turkey with trimmings, lots of veggies and pumpkin pie preferably shared with a large family. Been years since I had the chance to partake, too far from family and its a dog show weekend for my wife. We all have priorities!

  2. I know what you mean about flagging production and/or wandering attention. Strike while the iron (or pewter) is hot.

  3. They said it would be a short project... everything painted before the leaves fell, and ready to play by Christmas... Hopefully it won't take four full years to finish!