Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Charge of the Tin Brigadier

While I was trying to decide on a scenario for my upcoming game, I kept running into scenarios I wanted to play with 1914 troops. If I play them all now with earlier armies in bright uniforms, will I want to play them again with drab ones? So I looked at my other options and decided that since I want to get the new Indian units into action, I would try a Colonial game......... with a train. So back to Atlantica, c 1902.

This make shift pom pom gun ought to be ready by noon on Sunday. A proper gun will follow. 
I also decided that it was time to try that Charge! inspired version of the rules but with a twist. To keep the game looking right, not over crowded, I would reduce the player's force to a brigade and use the 4 man company as the basic unit and battalions as the intermediate command level.

Boer pom pom gun from the Wiki article.

The forces will be a bit of a mishmash but with careful selection and a few new figures I can start dabbling in my not quite Northwest Rebellion/Boer War. The Black Fox would be too old to leave the Rebels by then but the son of his elder years, known as Kit or The young Fox, would be about the right age.
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  1. Ross, have you posted your Charge inspired rules? I have been painting 40mm 7YW figures, but don't have enough for Charge. I might have enough for a game with 4 figure companies.

    1. If they work I will be posting them but they won't be a good fit for the 18thC. I have played some quite small Charge! games. The basic rules might be a good place to start since there are no units but the main game will work with a handful of 8 man companies. if short of troops count the officers as shooting and count understrength at army not unit level.

  2. So will the Boomgalore chaps be there?

    Best regards,