Saturday, September 27, 2014

How far is it to Tipperary again?

The first batch of Tommies are done.

I apologize if they are hard to make out against the earthy backdrop, I was just trying to get some light. It is an interesting comment on choice of colour though.

Since these were cast to be the other half of the German shooting battalion I now need to cast up 16 more figures so I can finish both units, and some more command figures and gunners, oh and cavalry for the BEF. Looks like a good day for it.
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  1. Ross

    I had a good morning casting PA figures - hope it went well for you.


    1. I did thanks, perfect weather for it. Eventually I need to get back to PA and the 18thC, but not yet.

  2. The earthen backdrop gives a very WW1 look to the picture, doesn't it? You have a talent for infusing the right kind of period look to your games.

    There seemed to be quite a fashion developing for outdoors pictures, if not gaming withal. I'm hoping to get some of that done for my own 'Jono's World' stuff when the weather warms up a bit...

    1. Yes rather wrong for Aug/Sep 14 but it does fit the popular image. All just down to me being tired of the gloom of my games room.

  3. Smashing looking photo in the Autumn sun!