Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ambush at New Station

Our correspondent in the Kapelle District has filed this report on the opening of hostilities on the Oerburg frontier.

Company Commander Kitchi leading the charge which captured the enemy PomPom gun.

No one seeing the return of that bullet scarred train could doubt the serious nature of this dastardly attack. Ever since Uncle Bob challenged Her Majesty's rights to the gold fields in the lower Kapelle foothills, a weekly patrol train has made the run through New Station to Rahdun.  This week the train carried 2 companies of Royal Fusiliers, 2 companies and a Maxim gun of Ross's Rifles, a native Atlantican battalion recently raised from the Kapelle region and a section of the newly raised Koolahat Mountain Battery.

Ambush! The troops detrain and return fire.

Eye witnesses of yesterday's incident  report that upon approaching New Station, there appeared to be a tree fallen across the track. As the train slowed to allow the soldiers to clear the way, the surrounding hills erupted in rifle fire and the pom pom pom of a 1 pounder Maxim. It appears that Old Cords has been preparing for this day by importing modern weapons while dragging out talks. The quick firing gun appeared to be supported by 3 squadrons of mounted riflemen hiding in cover on three sides of the train. 

The infantry is hit hard by flanking fire from a hill until the maxim comes into action and drives off the enemy  riflemen. 
As the mountain battery returned fire, the troops began to detrain only to be cut down by accurate rifle fire from the surrounding hills.  It wasn't  until the Maxim  came into action and drove the Oerberg riflemen from the southern hill that the troops could bring the fight to the enemy. 

On the North side, Company  Commander Kitchi led his men in a bayonet charge against the troublesome pompom. Despite its furious fire his men followed him up the hill and into the enemy position. The gun was crewed partly by Oerberg Constabulary and they defended it manfully. It was a mere rump of a company that remained when the last  enemy soldier was accounted for.

The Redcoats storm the station but are driven back by accurate rifle fire. 

The main Oerberg position was behind a barricade covering the roadblock. While the Rifles drew off the fire of the Pompom, the Royals  assaulted the enemy barricades despite having already taken heavy casualties.  The first company was cut to pieces by riflefire and forced to retreat but the second managed to break into the enemy position briefly before being forced back by weight of numbers.

The patrol had taken heavy losses and enemy horsemen could be seen galloping in to reinforce the key positions. Reluctantly Colonel Martin decided that his duty now lay in saving as many men as possible while reporting the treacherous attack. 

Loading as many wounded as possible the patrol falls back to report.

It had been a bloody hour but the newly raised local regiments had proved themselves in battle, there is even talk of a medal for CC Kitchi and there is no doubt that retribution will come. 

More details to follow in the days ahead.


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    1. The correspondent kept calling them rebels as well but technically Faraway does not own or rule all of Northern Atlantica so Oerberg is an independent state. I do need to figure out what to call them though!

  2. Ross Mac,

    What an interesting little skirmish! It looks as if 'Uncle Bob' has bought some excellent weapons for the Oerberg armed forces, and I hope that he included some mobile artillery as well. I suspect that the response of Her Majesty's forces will be fairly rapid and well-equipped, and the Oerberers will need heavy weaponry to see them off.

    All the best,


    1. There will be a limber for the pompom and he has an eye on a supplier of some heavy artillery and possibly a field gun. HM may well be looking at war on 2 fronts so the response may be less than hoped for.

  3. "Having sown the wind, methinks 'Old Cords' will reap a bumper harvest. And so blown about by the coming tornado, he will be better known by a new cognomen: 'Old Tatters.' " Mycroft Halfpennyworth, Editorial, Faraway Fanfare.

    _ It might be the case but the whirlwind may be slow in coming given the current sad state of the Queen's army and the growing threat of war at home.

    My apologies to the Archduke for accidently deleting his comment while trying to reply to it.

  4. Oooh, such a wonderful scenery you did! I like the composition of different figures, machines and landscape elements - great!
    Soon more?!!

  5. Very nice a lot of actions and great looking pics!