Friday, November 10, 2017

Recruits in Training

Just as I was contemplating the 'order' to expand my 54 mm armies, and pondering whether or not to buy another of the Coldstream Guards mold from Miniature Molds, John from Wargame Hermit Blog mentioned that he was looking for homes for some of his plastic figures and old molds.
Double Time!
In the picture he posted I saw a stack of red moulds. Miniature Molds is the only company I know that uses red rubber in their molds so I got in touch. I was expecting a couple of molds but to my joy and amazement yesterday, a big, heavy box arrived choc a bloc full. Christmas in November!


Today I tested a number of the molds and here is the first 4 man company entering training. I don't actually need hundred's more Guardsmen but a few more won't hurt and a few simple headswaps will allow me to recruit some line infantry and add some Britains-ish  regiments to the opposing Blue army.

They made some odd choices when choosing the molds. For example, there is an ordinary marching guardsman with a separate arm with a  shouldered axe.  You need a set of spare arms to give him a rifle. Including the axe in the spare arm set would have made more sense to me. About 1/2 the figures are in gaiters and have pouches and equipment, the rest are in trousers and no pouches. Luckily during the Fenian Raids and in the Northwest Rebellion, most militia would have worn trousers, as would the enemy, but regulars might have worn the new leggings so both will be of use and the leggings are definitely wanted for Colonial campaigns.

I'm definitely going to need another shelf.


  1. Those are some smart looking figures! Christmas comes early, indeed!

  2. Splendid looking fellows! Christmas has indeed started early. I look forward to seeing them painted and in action.

  3. Must admit I've never heard of Miniature Molds , look interesting .

  4. Ross Mac,

    These moulds - and the figures you will make with them - should keep you in 54mm figures for the foreseeable future. Reading this blog entry reminded me that I have the Prinz August Guards and Highlander moulds ... and I really ought to put them to use one day. The former can easily be used to make most types of full-dress marching infantry and - with a bit of minor work - artillery as well.

    I look forward to seeing the new additions to your armies on your tabletop in the very near future.

    All the best,


  5. What a splendid gift from another generous gamer! Your armies can now grow exponentially, particularly with several companies of sappers. The axe on the shoulder reminds me of the FFL sapper companies who go on dress parade with a red leather apron and an axe held on their right shoulder. May you have much enjoyment with your new additions. - Jerry

  6. Those figures are very nice - great gift.

  7. Do you ever cast for others? Do you have the ability to case Inf, Cav and Artillery in one period (perhaps Crimea)?

    1. Oops, apparently my thought direct to net translator isn't working. I don't usually cast for others but could. (There was a plan once to sell my own original line of figures) The only one where I have all arms (other than the Prince August stuff) are my 40mm 16thC Anglo-Scots and since these are amongst the first moulds I ever made, they moulds aren't great and need replacing. I am almost there with 40mm War of 1812, apart from guns. I have 54mm ACW infantry for both sides and a gunner but again, need to buy a gun mould, )or plastic guns) and convert cavalry if I needed more or buy a mould if I could find one I liked. I have no desire to try my hand at a horse yet.