Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Battle of Boxindeh Island (Teaser)

I wasn't planning a solo game today, I was planning to join some friends for a game but a winter storm, one that knocked out power for almost 12 hours and left the local roads covered in ice and blowing snow this morning, changed my mind. (Whimp! Whimp! Why, when I was young....) Hopefully the game went ahead and I'll be able to catch up on Jeff's blog. (Really must have another look at the cost of a Data plan for my smart phone so we don't disappear when the wifi goes down!)

Anyway, I had already set up the table days ago so, once the woodpile had been restocked, the phones recharged and the power was back on if not exactly stable, I set to.

Red pushes the attack!

Apart from Holiday distractions, one reason the game had not been played earlier was that I couldn't quite decide which way to go with the 54's now that their numbers were increasing again. I initially set it up to be played off grid using Hearts of Tin but even without rolling a single die I could tell that it wasn't "right" though I would have trouble explaining why. I decided to reset slightly and go off grid with the Tin Army with the latest minor tweaks. 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post a report showing what a good idea that was.

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  1. "Off the grid"--sorta like the power situation: very fitting. The storm you got hit us earlier, only you got the stronger, nastier version (Canadian-sized, in other words). :)