Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weak Flank: A Game Report

It was late on that December morning when the morning fog lifted to reveal a Rosish army  bearing down, not from the East as expected but from the South!
Alerted by a sputter of musket fire from the light troops guarding the flank, there was just time for the Old Brigade to wheel two battalions and the attached battery to face the enemy before the storm broke. 
The Foreign Brigade was slow to respond to orders but General de St Lambert had the Maritime Alliance army in place before the Rosish cavalry could exploit their surprise.

It appeared that the Rosish general was not expecting such a swift reaction and the battle settled into a lengthy long range firefight. Eventually the Queen's brigade could take it no longer and fell back behind the Pandours. This seems to have stirred the Rosish general who sent the King's Carabineers to force a path around the far flank only to be repulsed by Fitzjames' Horse. 
The Pandours had as hard a time as the Queen's Brigade but eventually the fire of the Rosish artillery, Chasseurs and infantry told. The Alliance artillery was silenced and fell back but the veterans of the First Infantry stood their ground to the bitter end.

If the Rosish infantry fell bravely without effect, their artillery and skirmisher fire swept the field. The Maritime gunners bravely poured their cannister upon the enemy infantry, holding them back but the enemy guns poured shot upon them and as their guns began to fall silent, the Yellow Hussars dashed up the hill, over running the last gun in B battery and forcing the Second infantry to fall back to the woods. The flank  appeared open and the Chasseurs, unable to brush aside the Volunteers guarding the extreme flank, began creeping up the hill until the  redcoats of the Nordmark Naval Regiment appeared and, despite a hail of cannister and well aimed musket fire, cleared the hill at the point of their bayonets.

The sun was setting low  as this short December day drew near to evening and still the heights were denied to the Rosish forces. There was just time for one more assault by the tired Rosish infantry but it too was repulsed by the survivors of the First Brigade aided by the fire of the right hand battalion of patient Foreign Brigade.

It was with relief that the Alliance forces watched the Rosish forces fallback covered by their remaining light troops.  


  1. Of all your games and collections, I think this one is my Favorite.

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  2. Nice to see these troops in action again .

  3. What a splendid game! This is inspiring me to do a WWII game based on this premise, perhaps even an Operation Sea Lion game. Nice going - your collection seems admirably suited for the action at hand.