Sunday, December 10, 2017

Its Not My Fault!

Its only 5 months until Huzzah!
The Earl of Cowcross.
Rob and I have started talking about the  multiplayer 1/72 Dragon Rampant game he will be running at Huzzah.  I will be assisting to GM the game so I decided that I'd better get a copy and bone up.
Dragon Rampart about to be tried.
25mm Garrison, Minifig,  Ral Partha, Revenge and Prince August  miniatures.
It also occurred to me that it might be a good thing if I could make the rules work for my Prince Valiant game as well. Its a popular set so will possibly attract more players, I won't need to keep two sets of medieval skirmish rules in my head during the convention and I won't have to spend the time and mental effort developing a set and then have to learn both over the next few months. That will give me more time for painting and working on the scenario for my game and terrain not to mention more time for other games. Time for a learning trial game.

The armies laid out are from my Gathering of Hosts blog and a report on the test game will be posted there in a day or so.


  1. I've heard about Dragon Rampant. Will be intersted to see your report.

  2. They give a great game. I'll be interested in what you think Ross and your battle report too.I use bases like your figures are on in the foreground for my Mythical Earth figures and it works well.

  3. I do like these rules and their medieval equivalent Lion Rampant .

  4. Dragon Rampant is a good set of rules, play quickly, and provide for a lot of action.
    If you run it at a convention, I would suggest making cards for each unit, since that makes it easier to look up info. I have done this for my housegames, see here:

    1. Thanks Phil. How did I miss that you are running a blog??!!? I have a LOT of back reading to do!

      Anyway, I do like the cards, I was thinking of a one page summary but the cards would be flexible going forward. I was also thinking about hexes though not for the game Rob will be running,

      I should be able to post my thoughts on the test game today.

    2. Don't worry about the backreading. Most of it is pictures and work-in-progress ;-)