Monday, April 1, 2019

The Wheels Turn Slowly

Actually, these new wheels won't turn at all, they are solidly fixed in place.

Apart from finishing the various bases, the new undercarriage and wheels on the carriage is all that is left to do.

The carriage itself was from a bag of cheap $ store cowboys and indians. Back in 1998 I modified and painted it for a 54mm War of 1812 game at Cold Wars. A few years ago I removed the large wheels but hadn't gotten around to replacing them for use in 40mm games, just dropped the carriage onto my pontoon wagon.  The new wheels and undercarriage are from PA's old limber and new artillery moulds.
The carriage can just be seen peeking over the white canvas of the wagon in the middle of this photo taken at Cold Wars 1998.

After that's done, I need a new bridge but I think I "need" a game first.


  1. Rolling along nicely Ross, it will be interesting to see it finished.

  2. Just about anything can be reused - you just have to be patient.

  3. {{Everything old is new again}}

    Says it best. I find myself more and more amazed (and delighted) just how much pleasure can be achieved out of my old toys, revamped and repurposed for an old school revival in a modern age. Your post simply confirms my belief that what`s old is new: it`s just needs a positive attitude of mind really.

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