Thursday, December 12, 2019

R and R (Reorganize & Refit)

The British half of the 1812 Reorganize and Refit has completed stage 1 with 5 infantry, 6 skirmisher and 1 artillery units being rebased and I took advantage of the lack of other urgent hobby 'todo' things to finally convert one stand of Light Infantry into Voltigeurs, and repainted the facings on 1/2 the 89th Foot from black to green thus rebadging them to the 49th Foot.   

Scruby British/Canadian Light Infantry with shakos carved up a bit to make fur caps and a quick change of clothes. (Yes, should have stripped them first but...)

I hemmed and hawed a bit but decided to let stand my decision to keep a few of my 1837 Rebellion British units in the OB despite their having slightly different hats. After all, there after all, there are more than enough stragglers from "done that" 1/2 finished 'projects' hiding  in the cupboard and some of them may as well come out and play since I'm not in the mood to paint yet more War of 1812 figures. This means the much needed squadron of light dragoons (which need headswaps) will again have to wait while my 1837 Heavy Dragoons provide  cavalry.

Early morning picture. My phone's camera needed more coffee.
2 stand infantry battalions or cavalry squadrons, 1 stand units for artillery and skirmishers.

Sometimes I sort of miss the days when converting and painting mini's was a joy rather than a chore and the prospect of adding more troops and more periods was exciting. These days I often feel more like a busy Quartermaster thinking "How the hell does he expect me to clothe, house and feed more men?".

 However, life goes on and things change. Hopefully the day will never come when pushing toy soldiers about,  making stories in my head and rolling dice pales!


  1. Must admit I still like converting figures - as for the wrong headgear, never let that worry me!

    1. Luckily the Toy Soldier thing helped me to get over uniform detail fussiness. I can still enjoy converting a figure. Its doing a dozen or 2 dozen that now seems more like work than play.

  2. "Hopefully the day will never come when pushing toy soldiers about, making stories in my head and rolling dice pales!"

    Amen: keep the eye on the prize.

  3. Congratulations on completing the stage 1 British re-basing!