Friday, December 6, 2019

Opening Scene

I'm getting closer!

Haven't had enough free time yet to play but I have managed to finally get the table set for a Saturday War of 1812 game.

I randomnly chose a One Hour Wargame getting a surprise river crossing from the South by Blue.  Wasn't hard to decide which army was going to be "Blue".


  1. Instead of North Americans, many of whom were related, shooting at each other, a more bucolic scene might involve going to some quiet place, breaking out a few barrels of ale, some nice sandwiches from the local inn and having lunch. Definitely a more civilized - and less bloody - way to get on with one's closest neighbors. But then again we couldn't have a war game except perhaps as a food fight. :=)

  2. well, there was no ale on hand, just coffee but there were cards and dice and no blood or molten pewter was involved so a good time was had by all.