Thursday, February 13, 2020

So, you want a revolution? Well.....

Things are heating up. Well, the melting pot got hot anyway and my new mould was tried out and now I've assembled a few prototypes.

Left to right, primed figures only:

Republican French:
Prince August SYW Prussian infantry with Modified Meisterzinn bicorne.
PA SYW Russian infantry with one of my original 'Tarleton' helmet heads.
General: PA SYW Dragoon officer w MM bicorne.

Emigre: Meisterzinn infantry with my original Roundhat.
British: PA SYW Prussian with gaiter tops filed off and MM bicorne.

Today was the first time I've  managed to get an entire Dragoon out of the new mould. I still can't get the officer's sword to cast but did get the dragoon's sword to come out and that's good enough. I only managed three useable dragoons plus three whole or salvageable officers so just need two more dragoons before the Scots Greys will be ready to join the queue. Its a pity they traded in their bearskins for bicornes for this campaign but then, I have a bicorne mould but none for a 1795 Scots Grey bearskin, so, just as well. 

Got some work to do! 



  1. Looking good. Home-casting can be fun, especially when you make your own figures or modifications to existing ones and can produce as many as you need.

  2. Great looking figures full of charm. Another song for future posts-
    Wake up boys, there's a light at the window,
    I can hear someone knocking on the door,
    There are voices in the street,
    And the sound of running feet,
    And they whisper the word "Revolution!

    By Chris de Burgh

    1. Great song! But I've already used it twice, with video clip. Once in 2010 and again just 2 years ago.

      Besides, the ship waiting off the coast is probably tge English enemy!

  3. I suspect it's a trick of the light (etc), but it appears that the painted figs are a touch smaller than the primed. Regardless, it's interesting to see them side by side: they paint up very nicely!

    1. Actually its not an illusion, 3 of the closest painted figures are converted Zinnbrigade castings which are a little smaller even though I pretend that it doesn't bother me.

  4. Ross
    I also struggle with the dragoons if I use my 'scrap metal', I had no problem with the swords - I struggled with the legs. They cast better with the expensive 'Model Metal' - but that defeats my objective of trying to recycle old figures.

    1. I had some problem with legs but was able to mostly fix them with a little venting and much care in placement of clamps. The dragoon sword came out fine but the officer's sword is oddly resistent to all my efforts.