Saturday, February 1, 2020

As long as I'm there...

I started to clear the table this morning but it seemed a shame to clear it after a single game so.......

Now that my 54's are back on their Volley & Bayonet/Morschauser style 3" unit bases, the grid is less useful than it was. I still had the measuring sticks I made a couple of years ago with brightly coloured 3" segments. It is easy to use and read in dim light even without glasses and also makes the grid less useful as long as all ranges and moves are in multiples of 3".

Since it's not quite a Square Brigadier game I quickly scribbled a one page variation but decided to experiment with getting a bit more radical and  leaving out  even more detail and removing more unit action options since I was going to be playing a Thomas scenario anyway. By and large it worked and a play through only took about an hour using roughly 1/2 the planned total number of units per side.  I think I want to bring back a bit more colour and more player decisions but its going to take some thought and experimentation.


  1. For me, solo, an hour or (at most) two is about what I aim for.

    1. Agreed for most games but every now and then I like a bigger all afternoon game. Preferably by increase the size and scenario complexity than the rules.