Monday, June 10, 2024

Ready For The Fight (2)

Several hours later, a messenger arrived with a response to the warning. The rest of the army was on its way.

"Major, The enemy riflemen are lurking in the town and woods and you and especially your....companion... are in danger. Word has come that the rest of our army is already on the march and if you meet them on the narrow road through the forest, you will slow down their advance and it might cost us the battle and this position and we'll both be in trouble.
If you leave now, you should be free of the woods before you meet them, so please do so." 

"Soldiers! Our comrades are threatened by the Queen's men! We march to battle!"
"Brigade! Form column of sections to the right!" 
(Note: In the above picture, the Bluecoats on the right of the line (your left) are mostly Zinnbrigade Napoleonic homecasts, the Grey coats on the left are mostly homecasts from my own original sculpts. (The exceptions include 2 Perry 40mm Peninsula samples, 1 each in these battalions. Feel free to spot'em.)

The battalion in the middle, the Lafeyette County Volunteer Rifles were homecast by their Sculptor and sent to me as a gift in 2012. (See their debut battle report, including video, here: " Stony Creek Surprise". be continued....


  1. Moving along very nicely indeed.
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. Lovely looking toys Ross…
    All the best. Aly

  3. Splendid - looking forward to the battle report...