Monday, March 28, 2011

New Field Battery Raised

In anticipation of a summer campaign, the exchequer approved the raising of new batteries for the defence of Rosmark. Here we see the newly raised and equipped Staarborde  Battery (foreground) undergoing training alongside the Royal Marine Artillery's veteran  Port Battery  (background).
 The Port Battery specializes in the attack and defence of fortifications but is also trained to operate as foot artillery in the field when needed.

The Staarborde battery can be seen wearing the newly authorized green uniform with red cuffs that has been approved for Rosmark's foot artillery.

In a burst of patriotism, the citizens of St. Michel are in the process of raising a volunteer battery for service. These will be clothed and equipped as a regular foot battery but will be equipped with 6 pounder guns.


  1. Ross Mac,

    A very nice addition to your growing Rosmark army.

    One question ... is the colour of the Unit's coats green or blue? They look blue on my computer screen.

    All the best,


  2. Ah, The smell of black powder in the morning...
    I love the campaign season. Here in the interior, there is still snow on the ground. Have the curs responded to your diplomatic note?

  3. It is with such guns that one makes war - when will they see service Ross?

  4. Ecellent! They look like they mean business.
    (the uniforms look green, albeit very dark, on my monitor)

  5. They have not responded officially yet, perhaps debating whether they appropriate response should be delivered by the mouths of their cannons rather than the mouths of their emissaries.

    But at the current rates of recruitment, it looks to be a difficult campaigning season. :)

  6. Thank you all gentlemen, in no particular order,

    The coats are Black Forest Green according to the commissary department. They are towards the blue rather than the yellow side of the wheel.

    There has been no response except for 1 mercenary contingent commander who has advertised that he is currently between contracts.(surorising considering that the enemy ahs been rumoured to have hired an entire mercenary army to stiffen his forces.

    The new guns will see service in July but the District of St. Lambert, an area of heavy French influence which was the center of support for the Queen-Regent's party during the recent civil war, (see has not submitted the taxes collected for this year and there are rumours that the siege train and engineers may need to be exercised in support of the Tax Collector.

    However, the snow, which had melted, is back on the ground in Belmont, so, not yet.

  7. Very smart uniforms (definitely green on my screen) and guns - but how accurate are they under pressure? I think we should be told.

  8. Very pleasant to see that the NQSYW, initially fought with 'moonlighting' "historical" armies, now appears to involve more 'imagi-native' ones. Or am I merely betraying gaps in my (limited) knowledge of Lace Wars historical armies?

  9. Umh well Tim, we've just about mastered gun drill, should be trying actually firing them some time soon.

  10. Its a bit of a circle Jean-Louis. My 1st unit, MacDuff's Fusiliers wear uniformed inspired by the Royal Ecossais but with their own flag. They were meant to be a "1 of" Charge! regiment of mercenaries to join in at conventions when opportunity arose.

    They were followed by 18 man battalions of Austrian Succession era French troops for the Morschauser Meets MacDuff rules. However, that project withered when the Pragmatic army dropped out and they were upgraded and pressed into service as Rosmark was born.

    The goal then became opposing Russo-Saxon and French Charge! armies for the War of Polish Succession, masquerading as Rosmark troops for conventions. But slowly the cover story has become the actuality and the press for accuracy has dropped. There is a great but superficial similarity between red coated Russian gunners, green coated Saxon gunners and the various Rosmarck batteries but a close examination will not hold up on details, The same is true of various infantry and cavalry units.

    Like many small duchies and kingdoms, we follow the fashions set by the great nations of our time but with our own small touches.