Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An open letter toScoeffen-Buschhagen and various other Robber States


To the rulers of Scoeffen-Buschhagen, Wachovian, Vieganburg, Fredonia, Stanzback-Anwatch and Saxe Kirchdorf.

It has now been a year since your armies assisted by various mercenaries and brigands invaded our fair land without provocation and did great damage to the good citizens of St. Michel and especially to those of St. Stephen.  We are still waiting for an apology and suitable compensation for damage done including the interruption of an evening of Whist held by the officer's of the Queen's Brigade. 

If suitable compensation is not forthcoming by the end of June this year, be warned that the Kingdom of Rosmark will consider itself justified in seeking such compensation by force of arms. We do however forgive Wachovia from this debt as their soldiers have paid in blood. 

From King Michael I of Rosmark


  1. Hi Ross

    There must be something in the air as I have just recruited another Electoral Unit - Company A of the Liebgarden

  2. You realise of course, this means war!

  3. and fine looking lads they are Mark. The Yellow faced red is very striking. Oddly enough I've just started a battery of green faced red artillery and a sample of red coated infantry, the 1st of the native Rosmark line units.

  4. Conrad, Seems like everytime I cross the border, its war. (well, wargame anyway)

  5. The drums they do beat and the wars to alarm,
    The captain calls, and I must obey