Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rosmark Artillery

As the 2011  NQSYW campaign season (sometimes called Historicon) approaches, it seemed like the right time to finally start raising some native Rosmark infantry. However, intelligence reports indicate that a fortress is being constructed. After reading the siege rules (a Charge! supplement really) at the back of Duffy's Fire & Stone, the council has decided that more artillery is needed most urgently. Today I broke out the melting pot and got a start..  

When I was a young lad of 17 away at military college, there were several books that I turned to, one was Charge! another was Blandford's Military Uniforms by Kannick. The two came  together nicely when I got my first 30mm wargame miniatures. On one side were the French regiments from Quebec 1759, on the other was the start of an eclectic mix of my favorite uniforms from Kannick's book.

I've decided that this favorite old battery will be the inspiration for Rosmark's standard artillery. Hopefully I can produce a gun and crew per week for the next 2 months without interfering with the production of other units.


  1. Fire & Stone, Kannick... we were young, then!
    And Bavarian infantry was still in sky blue, nowadays to use such pleasantly-looking regiments you'd have to field the army of Blauvaria...
    Do you remember the 'Siege of Dendermonde' in 'Battle for Wargamers', from XII- 1976 to VII 1977? Henry Hyde had it downloadable from the Battlegames site.

  2. Magnificent book - I came to it late. Tremendously dense stuff, I find myself having to take breaks to digest it all.

  3. I'm sure the Council is correct to suggest more guns. I remember reading (althought I don't own a copy) the Duffy book years ago - as Conrad says it's pretty heavy going.

  4. Ross Mac,

    You can never have too many guns ... and gunners to serve them.

    Bob Cordery
    Woolwich (Home of the Royal Artillery)

  5. Jean Louis, We were! But we are still young at heart are we not?

  6. Conrad, Tim, I was supposed to read it? (just kidding ). I'll confess, I digested the library copy when I was young and since stumbling upon a remaindered reprint, have only grazed it this time around.

  7. Bob, the thing of note is that it was the enemy who suggested the increase in artillery during a joint council of war on the defense and attack of a fortified place. A civilized affair altogether.