Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This week, what time and energy I have been able to spend on my hobby, in my war room, has been spent taking down shelves, moving furniture, putting shelves up and pushing things about  trying to fit 6 quarts into a gallon container and trying to sift the overflow of junk that I might be able to use one day or have nostalgic ties to into stuff I can pry out of my fingers and throw away, give away or sell as appropriate, and stuff whose time has still not come yet.

At least its given me a chance to handle nearly 1/2 the miniatures I own.Well by weight anyway. Have hardly touched any of the 20 or 54mm plastic figures stashed away in the cupboards. Also many books, I find handling books to be a slow process, they keep opening up and trying to show/tell me things. Anyway, after a several month hiatus, I now have a full time painting desk again, or well almost plus a work table for basing, scenery etc ( and for boxing up ebay stuff).

All this has not, however, stopped my mind from thinking hobby thoughts, just interfered with doing something about it. One result is a new version of my ancients game which I can't wait to try out once the table, which was being used as a way station,  completes its  re-emergence from under various piles. This is of course a ripple from trying out Bob Cordery's gridded wargame.

More ripples from that experience as well as the inevitable ripples from playing Charge!, even in a siege guise and from reading various memoirs, (I highly recommend Twelve Years Military Adventures in 3/4 of the Globe)  by John Blakenston, an engineer on Wellesley's staff with a bad habit of getting mixed up in cavalry charges and the like, very entertaining ) have led to a revival of  the 19thC wargaming single figure vs multi-figure debate now flavoured by the semi-skirmish vs battle and unit vs element debates.

I really love/hate debates over issues that don't really have answers, only choices but this does help explain the sudden return to ancients. :)

I haven't quite got it all sorted yet, so for now I will leave you to ponder the difference  between wargaming Assaye or the Mutiny at Vellore, and various ways of trying to do either or both.



  1. Ross, you have convinced me; and if I ever get around to giving my 1/72 plastic infantry a real paint job, I am going to pull them off their 4-man cardboard bases and mount them individually on 3/4-inch washers, then make multi-figure bases of refrigerator magnet material, so that I can use them either as individuals or elements -- or even elements that lose figures for casualties. I might even use them for Memoir '44 then.

    So at least your agony has done someone some good. ;oP```


  2. Ferryman, I did exactly that relatively recently (see recent blog post). It's a lot less fuss than individual chaps while still allowing you to mess around with single figures when you want to.

    Ross, I experimented with our kitchen table last night and horror of horror discovered its too small for my "Big Memoir" mat. I have a wargaming guest coming soon. I better get weaving.

  3. John, so you're saying that now I can add guilt to my angst? :)

    Actually, its not really about the basing, stay tuned!

  4. Conrad, so how big is the floor? :)

    For years I used to play on a piece of plywood laid on a kitchen table.

  5. Ross,
    I take full responsibility for my wargaming addiction/hobby. It's captured more of my thoughts and dreams in the last 43 years than any other aspect of my life. Such as it is.


  6. Me too John. (and I really was kidding about the guilt thing)