Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rebellion Rears Its Head (We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement)

"We're going to need more men"

While my Federal troops aren't finished, it looks like there will shortly be enough to face the combined Rebels of Jerry and myself and definitely too many for balanced games at home, so more Rebs won't go amiss. A ragged regiment in Grey is next along with a company or 2 of cavalry.

In the meantime, speaking of Federal Governments and rebellious citizens,

A short note of encouragement for my handful of Canadian readers.
I normally steer clear of mixing politics and  hobbies or politics and polite society but its starting to look interesting here with all the pundits and predictions turned on their heads over the last week. Its still possible that by tomorrow night we could be seeing the same old, same old, again, (with a slight twist) or it could be something of a Sea Change in Canadian Federal Politics.

So whether you support the status quo which some might describe as a system which favours big business, likes to hide as much information as possible  and helps make the rich richer, especially foreign multi-nationals but which is the route that some of the less rich think is the best way to go anyway, or whether you oppose it, 

(hmmm. did that sound a little biased?) 



  1. Here here.

    I am appalled that our current PM has such a poor knowledge of our Parliamentary systems that he describes a coalition government as treasonist!


  2. Well, Ross, I wouldn't tell folks how to vote either . . . but it would be nice if Canada had more living ex-Prime Ministers, wouldn't it?

    Seriously citizens have no right to complain about their government if they don't take the trouble to vote. Express your views, whatever they may be, but get out there and VOTE.

    -- Jeff

  3. Here, here! (for the get out and vote part, I have no knowledge of the current political situation in Canada)

  4. Well, if I needed proof of my lack of influence on the population at large, there it is. Record low voter turnout and with 1st past the post, I guess one could say we got what we deserved.

    Back to playing with toy soldiers.