Monday, May 23, 2011

Virile Videos

or perhaps that ought to be viral.

I greatly enjoyed the  Marcus Hinton video posted on  the Vintage Wargaming site.  (My wife remains resistant to the suggestion that she don a uniform coat and play a wargame with me.). btw, not the same thing at all but  does anyone remember who made those 54mm Winsome Warrriors models in the 70's. Sanderson? Phoenix? Wonder what happened to the one I painted up?

Then I enjoyed the Charles Creed collection video on the Prometheus in Aspic blog, and remembering the Peter Cushing Little Wars video which was circulating last year,  I spent a few minutes trawling the British Pathe site and was pleased to find these:

1931 Video of D.C Murray (who?) with his collection of Britain's and Hyde spread out in various parades and battles on his lawn. The flaming La Haye Sainte is a little scary so viewer discretion is advised.


and for all the Funny Little Wars enthusiasts (you need to watch this right to the end), I particularly like the horse artillery.



  1. Thanks for the videos. And who doesn't love a woman in uniform? :)

  2. Thanks for posting - they are most enjoyable...

  3. Excellent - I was a little alarmed to see an actual child near Mr Murray's soldiers. I sincerely hope it was explained that these are not toys, are not suitable for children under 36 months and should not be chewed.

    What on earth was that bonfire doing? I had visions of the whole mat going up in flames. The mats were interesting, I thought - did anyone else look at them and wonder about the possibilities of wargaming on the lawn?

    The passing out parade - good fun, especially the horses - the narrator on this film is, I believe, Eamonn Andrews, which is a nice touch of broadcasting nostalgia for Ancient Brits like me.

  4. Ross Mac,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful film and video clips with us.

    The one featuring D C Murray was of particular interest, especially his 'sand table' on the lawn.

    All the best,