Friday, September 23, 2011

Hearts of 1812

I have now incorporated the tested simple rules back into Hearts of Tin whence they came. Its vaguely annoying that this means that an 11 page document effectively contains 1/2 page of actual rules and 10 pages of blather, explanation, definitions and special cases.

The 1812 lads are on parade, sorting themselves out into 16 man battalions from 24, 32 or 36 man ones. I need to paint up about 8 figures and touch up about 20 to have 6 x 16 man line infantry battalions a side. I also need a few US gunners and I need to supplement the 2 Volunteer rife units with some regulars. The Brits need a unit of Canadien (Quebec) sedentary militia brought up to strength and Voltigeurs and Light Dragoons added. Then the new Scruby battalions can be added and its done. Pictures and Order of Battle sometime in the next week.

Hearts of Tin are on Google docs through the link at left for those who are interested in perusing them.


  1. "sedentary militia". I like the sound of that - how do I join?

  2. Ross Mac,

    This is sounding very interesting.

    I hope to read you rules later this evening.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Ross,
    An interesting series of posts; especially the continuing evolution of your rules.
    All this talk of beavers and war finally made something click in my head -- and it wasn't just brain cells expiring like rice krispies this time.

    An interesting read, it includes a reference to Canada's first standing professional armed force.

    John Ferryman

  4. Tim, you just have to be born in the right place and the right time then just sit back. My heroes.

  5. John, I went to College amidst the ruins of the fort they originally built at St. Jean sur Richelieu.

  6. Bob, I hope you can make it through the chaff. Any comments would be most welcome. (But simplying tweak to the shooting chart occurred to me in bed last night....)